Pittsboro Commercial Real Estate Agent Jodi Tata w Realty World Carolina Properties

Jodi Tata is a real estate agent who works with commercial sales at Realty World Carolina Properties. In this video Jodi shares with you what she loves about Pittsboro and some of her experience in sales and leasing of commercial real estate along with an update about SoCo (South of the Courthouse).

Speaker 1:           All right. We have somebody new at Realty World Carolina Properties.

Jodi Tata:             So my name’s Jody and I’ve come over from Morris Commercial, which is in Chapel Hill. I moved to Pittsboro a few years ago. I’m absolutely in love with Pittsboro and all of Chatham County. It is just the most gorgeous area, and the people of Chatham County. The agricultural land here that we have, and all of the neighborly type of feel that you get. It’s fun to go to a grocery store and have people that you recognize, and know your name.

And the friendliness that we have here in Pittsboro is really unique. It’s something that I have not experienced in a long time. So it is my honor to be here at Realty World Carolina Properties. It’s a lot of fun. Our team here, it’s like a family. We certainly have that Pittsboro, Chatham County vibe where everybody’s helping one another.

And that’s what I like to do is to help people. I work primarily in commercial real estate. And I have had some really big clients and have helped a lot of people that have nonprofits, and just starting their first business, and helped them to lease an office space, or to lease a restaurant space. Some people that have bought investment properties and some open several.

That is something we are now working on, this SoCo project here in Pittsboro, which is just awesome. It’s 22,000 square feet of fun. We can’t tell you who they are, but we have all of our tenants now filling the building. It is going to be a draw for all over the triangle. You’ll have people coming in to watch music and eat phenomenal food and drink great beer, and just have a lot of fun.

It’ll be a place for people to gather and socialize, honoring the history of Pittsboro. We’re at this office here in downtown Pittsboro. It’s beautiful to walk down the street, all the brick buildings here and the festivals that we have monthly.

If you have not been to Pittsboro, you have got to come enjoy our downtown and have an ice cream at S&T Soda Shoppe. Just walk down the street and do a little bit of shopping. We have some really unique stores here.

Again, my name’s Jody and I thank you, Lynn. It’s great to be here at Realty World. I love living in Pittsboro. I love being in Chatham County. And if you’re considering buying a home here or opening a business here, we’d love to talk to you and help you.