Pittsboro Subdivisions – Kid Friendly Neighborhoods, Large acreage subdivisions and more

In this video, Eric Andrews goes over some of the large acreage & kid-friendly subdivisions in and around Pittsboro and Chatham County.

Speaker 1:           Tell us a little bit about Pittsburgh subdivisions.

Speaker 2:           Well, Pittsburgh subdivisions, we have basically Chatham forest, Powell place, Potter stone with Little Springs, Magnolia trace, Ashford lakes, Ross Ridge. I’m probably missing a few, but those are some of the <Bobcat point> Bobcat point is not in Pittsburgh. It’s out [inaudible] Bobcat point is – we’ve sold a lot of homes at Bobcat point. That is one of my favorite large acreage subdivisions.

Speaker 1:           Which subdivisions are large acreage.

Speaker 2:           Whew. I’m probably going to miss some of those. So the two that we’ve done a lot of business in would be Bobcat point and Cattail Creek. Those are two in the Silk Oak area. They’re probably averaging right now, about 350. Then out toward the lake there’s several of them. Windfall is one that we’ve done quite a bit in. Those are going to be like three to seven acres, but those are going to average about the $800,000 range because it’s so close to apex carry RDU, RTP and that lake area. There’s really a lot. There’s that heritage point out at the lake. Those are like three to 11 acres. Those are getting pretty close to a million dollars right now. But when we go around the lake, there’s, there’s quite a few large acreage subdivisions, but they’re usually around eight to 12 lots themselves. So there’s not a whole lot. That’s coming off the top of my head because there’s just so many of them. Halfway between Pittsburgh and sour city, there’s one called Hickory Downs. Those are pretty expensive homes. There’s probably several homes between 500 and a million that’s off of Bower Store road and 64. It’s a beautiful <subdivision>

Speaker 1:           Which subdivisions in Pittsburgh are best for kids.

Speaker 2:           Well,

Speaker 1:           I’ve seen a lot in Potterstone. You’ve <got a>

Speaker 2:           Potterstone, there’s an awful lot of kids. For whatever reason I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from people that live in Chatham forest. Chatham forest just really has like one basketball court and an itty bitty playground. It does have some natural areas, but I think one of the things that makes those neighborhoods so kid friendly are the people that live there and the kids that are there. It’s not the price point. It’s not where they work. It’s not ethnicity or anything like that. It’s just – I encourage, if someone has kids to drive through these neighborhoods and Potterstone’s nice. I don’t have anything against Potterstone. But when you drive through Chatham forest, it does have a little bit of that Norman Rockwell thing where you actually see seven kids in a driveway jumping rope. But that’s – some people say that’s a cookie cutter subdivision.

And if you’re a cookie cutter subdivision, you might have cookie cutter kids.

I really – one of the things that I had a bunch of fun with was Bobcat Point, when I’ve had friends that live out in Bobcat point. We’ve gotten together and done the hay ride for trick or treating because that’s a large acreage subdivision. And so it’s harder for those kids to get together but there’s just ponds and woods and animals and streams and that’s just – kids are getting muddy and riding their bikes everywhere. And that – for whatever reason, that Bobcat Point is a really, really tight knit community. Then we have Chapel Ridge. I mean, that’s a golfing community, but my kids live there with their mother and Chapel Ridge has an awful lot of kids and it certainly has made my daughter feel a lot better that she has friends and she knows people that are going to school with her.

And those are like quarter acre and a half acre, lots, and they have a basketball court, but they have that community swimming pool. And so – and they have a gym and tennis courts. So I think those kids get together quite a bit and we’ve done the hay rides out at Chapel Ridge, too, which – at Chapel Ridge, my kids always love trick or treating there because they got full king size candy bars and one guy was giving out movie passes, which that’s not the normal for trick or treating. But – and then of course it’s not Pittsburgh, but one of the places that people are talking about, that’s very kid friendly and has an awful lot of kids is Briar Chapel. That’s between Pittsburgh and Chapel Hill right off of 15 501. And that’s such a massive subdivision. And it has a huge range of town homes and smaller homes and mid-size homes and big homes.

And it has a bunch of parks and walking trails and biking trails. And it has a swimming pool with a kiddie pool. So that one is one that comes up many, many times is – and it’s an excellent school system. People are like, this is where I want my kids to go. But there’s nothing, there’s nothing wrong with living out in the country on some acreage and homeschooling or some of the smaller rural schools. And those kids get to ride four wheelers and dirt bikes and hunt and fish. And so it’s all what you want. But those are some that come to mind as being very kid friendly.