Selling Part of your Land with a Mortgage

I sell a lot of land in the Pittsboro area. Sometimes people call me and ask me if they can sell their land, or just part of it, even if they have a mortgage.

Selling all of the land with a mortgage

If you want to sell the entire tract this should post no problem at all. It is sort of like selling a car that you still owe money on. Of course, you can not sell it for less than you owe unless you are able to come up with the remainder.

Selling part of your property

If you wish to sell a portion of your property and you have a mortgage on the entire lot, this presents an entirely different story.

To sell just a piece you will need your lender’s consent. This is usually not a problem but depends entirely on how much you owe. If you have just taken out a $200,000 mortgage on a 10 acre lot and want to sell 9 of the acres off for $10,000 of course your lender is going to say no. The bank is going to want to know that they have collateral available, that way if you quit making mortgage payments they will still have the property available to reposes.


There are a variety or other issues to deal with as well. I am familiar with all types of liens, mortgages, easements, disputes and all other areas of land sales. If you are looking to sell land in Pittsboro call me or visit this page to sell land in Pittsboro.