Land Appraisal Problems in North Carolina – Eric Andrews, Accredited Land Consultant

If you are having problems with land appraisals please contact Eric Andrews for a consultation.

There are about a million problems which can occur when it comes to appraising the value of land. For example, during a divorce or after a death, a 20 acre property may need to be divided, but not all land is equal. A 2 acre tract may have the same value as the 18 acre tract – land is rarely best split into (2) 10 acre tracts.

Appraisals are often incorrect when it comes to placing a value on land. An appraiser may accurately appraise the value of a home, but fail to correctly appraise the potential value of land based on soil types and other possibilities.

Eric is sometimes called into court as an Expert Witness, and is an Accredited Land Consultant.