Residential Real Estate and Land Sales Near Jordan Lake – Red Hot in 2017

In this video, Eric Andrews explains just how hot the real estate market is near Jordan Lake.

The housing market along 751 between Durham and New Hill is just exploding. If you have land which borders Jordan Lake Game Lands expect to sell a home for significantly more than you paid for it. If you are buying, expect to pay a premium.

Recently Eric listed a property for some folks near Jordan Lake and they couldn’t believe his valuation. He explained the home would easily sell for $500,000, and the sellers couldn’t believe it. They thought he was pulling their leg! They insisted on a quick sale and that the property was listed for $450,000. This property was purchased just 2 years ago for around $300,000. The house was sold within 48 hours after a flurry of interested buyers descended upon it. There likely would have been a bidding war if the sellers had allowed it.

There is land and homes available towards the Southern end of the lake which is only a few minutes away from the 751 corridor.

Property along Big Woods Road is also very very hot right now, including residential communities such as The Preserve, Windfall and The Legacy.

If you are looking to buy or sell land or a house in this area please feel free to contact us today.