Internet Options in Chatham County NC in 2022

Chatham County is finally getting some better Internet options.

As of 2022, here are the options:

  • CenturyLink DSL: Rural areas are often stuck with DSL. This usually offers 10MB down and 1MB up. However, DSL users who upload something, such as a Snap or a YouTube video, will notice a significant loss in download speeds while something is uploading. This makes Zoom and videoconferencing difficult. While nothing is uploading, DSL is adequate to watch YouTube, Netflix or use other streaming services in HD, but not 4K which usually needs 25MB down.
  • Starlink: Starlink is becoming available to areas of Chatham County. You need to be on the waiting list. Starlink is very promising and totally different than other satellite service offerings.
  • Randolph Fiber: Randolph Fiber has been bringing blazing fast fiber Internet to areas of Silk Hope. See our article and video about Randolph Fiber here.
  • Spectrum: If you’re in the town of Pittsboro or nearby you may be able to get Spectrum. Check their website for availability. Spectrum offers decent speeds in the area.
  • CenturyLink Fiber: Homes in Chatham Park should get CenturyLink Fiber which should be very fast.
  • Satellite Services: As you drive through rural Chatham County you’ll see posters for satellite services. These are usually horrendous. Ask anyone who has ever used one of these services and they’ll tell you how bad they are. The latency is very poor and gaming is impossible with most satellite services.

Did you know that Internet speeds could affect your home’s value?