What surrounding features can affect the value of land?

Are you trying to sell land, and are worried that other properties, businesses, or structures in your surrounding area might be affecting your property value? It’s something that you need to be concerned with, and I can help you determine what effect is being had on your lands value. Contact me today and I’ll help determine what’s hurting, or possibly even helping you sell your land.

What surrounding features can affect the value of land?

Some very nice pieces of land can lose quite a lot of value if they are located next to, or even near by certain businesses, structures, or geological features. Anywhere within ear-shot of a firing range is going to lose incredible amounts of value due to the frequent noise. Quarries, mines, and chemical spills can negatively affect the ground water for miles in all directions, which in turn hurts land values. These effects are concrete and measurable .

Some structures, like power lines, only need to have a perceived effect to effect land value. Even though no scientific evidence exists that shows power lines effect our health, the stigma they have is enough to scare off some potential buyers.

If you know of anything in your area that might be working against your land sale, or if you aren’t sure and would like help finding out, contact me today.

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