How is the value and best use of Land Determined?

If you have land in North Carolina that you’re looking to sell, and aren’t sure what it’s worth, and what it can be used for, contact me today. Together we can determine the best use for your land, who we can sell it to, and what the best price for it will be.

How is the value and best use of property determined?

When appraising land before putting it on the market, there are many factors that need to be considered. In fact, most people don’t realize how many aspects and details are relevant and important to this process. Some of these are mostly common sense, such as size and topography. Flooded swamps will be worth less than a flat, dry fields. However, some details are commonly overlooked. How accessible is the land from surrounding roads and highways? How much traffic is there on those roads? What sort of economic development is happening in the surrounding area? Is there sewer access available?

Currently in the Chatham County there is high demand for commercial property, and not many pieces of land are available to satisfy that need. For example, land with no access to municipal sewers would be very difficult to sell to someone looking to build a restaurant, since that type of commercial property is very difficult to run on a septic system. If you have land you’re looking to sell, and aren’t sure if it meets the requirements for commercial development, contact me