NC Land Sales: Legal Access and Property Lines

If you’re having trouble selling property because of a lack of legal access or disputed property lines, call me today and I can help you sort these problems out. I’ve handles issues like these many times before, and I have the experience needed to get your problems resolved.

Why is physical access not always legal access?

Often times in cases with old properties handed down through generations, we find that the road or path used to access the property isn’t legally owned. There may be an informal agreement with the neighbor that you can use a route through his field to drive onto your land, but this isn’t going to grant any legal authority to whomever purchases the land. This can be a very complicated issue, sometimes one sellers don’t even realize they have. Having your land assessed and properly surveyed can help identify and resolve this kind of problem. In fact, having your land surveyed might tell you a lot about your property that you didn’t know.

What if my property line isn’t where I thought it was?

It’s not unusual to have a dispute with neighboring land owners over where the dividing line between them lies. You might assume that your land extends all the way to the fence, but in reality it may fall short, and you don’t have legal ownership of land you may have used for many years. Other times, in cases with older properties, vague land marks may have been used to identify the boundaries, and those land marks may have moved, or no loner exist. Some examples may sound like “from the edge of the corn field, to the old oak stump in the south corner”, or “from the mail box to the broken down tractor”. In situations like these a survey team is needed to measure and establish accurate property lines before you can sell your land.

If you aren’t sure where the edges of your land are, or if you need to establish legal access to your property, I can help. Contact me today and together we can get started on solving these problems.