Can You List Your House For Sale During COVID-19?

Chatham County Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews talks about the pros and cons of listing a home during COVID-19.

Eric says that it’s a mixed bag listing during COVID-19. While there is no law against it, it does make it difficult to show the home and do have any face-to-face discussion. When the stay-at-home order is in effect, there is a “No Showing, Coming Soon” provision that can be used with any listing.

Will a No-Showing Do Any Good?

Eric thinks that in some cases it’s still ok to list and the listing will generate a lot of pent up demand so that when showings are possible. To accomplish this, the following are steps to take:

  • List the property on MLS
  • Coming Soon Provision which suspends all offers
  • Included Price, Amenities Pictures
  • Allow for a Virtual Showing

To Show or Not to Show?

It’s a gray area whether it’s legal to show an occupied home, but Eric thinks it’s not a good idea because of the risks. Showing vacant land or maybe an empty house in some cases. The best advice Eric has for someone wanting to list is to have a strong conversation with their agent to find out the plusses, minuses, and risks involved.