Auctioning Land and Real Estate in North Carolina in 2017

In this video, Licensed Auctioneer, Reverend Colonel Eric Andrews describes the real estate auction scene in 2017!

Should I auction my land?

If you’d like Eric to auction your land, please see his North Carolina real estate auction services. However, we do not recommend auctions as you will make more money selling your land with a land expert like Eric. Most people sell their land due the “the 4 D’s”: if they are desperate, in a divorce, in debt, or after a death.

How much does land sell for in auction?

Land used to go for 90 cents on the dollar in auction.
After the crash, land ended up not selling at all, or selling for 50 cents on the dollar.
As of 2017, sellers are getting 75 – 80 cents on the dollar in auctions.