Should You Stop Using Voicemail in 2017? How Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews Handles Off Hours Phone Calls

In this video Eric Andrews explains how voicemail began consuming far too much time a few years ago.

Looking back in 2017, he has no regrets.

Eric’s Voicemail

Eric doesn’t disregard clients- quite the opposite. Although he no longer uses Voicemail, buyers and sellers are able to get information from him or his team quicker than ever. Dozens of other professionals have also followed suit.

Here are some points from the video:

  • In the even he can not answer the phone, one of his assistants is able to.
  • Texting has changed the way many people interact with him and other real estate agents.
  • Eric’s team has a plethora of information available and synced across their mobile devices. If a potential buyer wants to know something about a property, chances are himself or an assistant can quickly add a file from dropbox to a G-Suite hosted email and zip it over to people instantly.