2017 Halloween at Bynum Bridge

On this blog we often cover Halloween in Pittsboro. Many of the 2016 Pittsboro Halloween events are still taking place.

One new event this year is Taco-Ween at 580 Craft Beer (dress up, eat tacos, drink beer).

But one thing people always ask about is Halloween at the Bynum Bridge. We often vaguely cover that as most of the happenings are provided by community members. But more and more people enjoy looking at the pumpkins at the Bynum Bridge and the Bynum Bridge Twitter account publicized the event this year after UNC TV documented it.

The 2017 Halloween events include:

  • Pumpkin Carving: 2:30PM at the old General Store
  • Pumpkin lighting: 6:30PM
  • Trick or treat: After dark, children and their parents trick or treat in the neighborhood near the bridge

Here is a Google map of Bynum:

Here are some creative pumpkins from Halloween 2016 at Bynum Bridge: