Why Did my Bank Recommend Eric Andrews to purchase an FSBO Property?

This video was recorded minutes after Eric Andrews closed on a property. The property was listed as an FSBO property. When they buyer went to the bank to obtain financing, the bank strongly recommended that the buyer obtain a Pittsboro real estate agent. The buyer asked who they recommend and they said they recommend Eric Andrews.

There are fees involved, however the buyer left Eric’s office smiling from ear to ear. While the seller was hiding nothing, honest, and just trying to save money, Eric was able to discover several problems with the home, one being an HVAC repair which covered his expenses alone. A survey turned up a neighbor’s fence on the property. Eric was able to handle several contract changes and communicate with the lender in a timely manner as well.

If you are purchasing an FSBO property in any part of the country, this is a must see video!