Where is the Best Dinner in Pittsboro NC

Real Estate Expert Eric Andrews discusses some of his favorite restaurants in Pittsboro North Carolina. This is a question people moving to Chatham County ask again and again. There are some great places to eat here such as Postal.

Speaker 1:           What is the best dinner in Pittsboro?

Speaker 2:           Ooh, that’s a tough one, tough one. Depends on what you want.

Speaker 1:           We’re missing the Oakleaf now.

Speaker 2:           Now we are missing the Oakleaf, literally, figuratively, we’re missing the Oakleaf. They’re actually doing very well in Carrboro, that was nice. I mean, going to the Oakleaf because it’s such a small town, you pretty much know everybody. And when I went into the Oakleaf, I didn’t know everybody in there. So I know they were drawing from quite a ways. I’m going to the Postal Fish Company tonight, I like them, they’re good. So the owner-chef there, he travels to the coastline, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina coastlines during the week and gathers whatever’s available for the remainder of the week, which I think is a really, really deep way of doing it.

And we’ve never had a bad meal there and that’s nice to have, of course, Greg Lewis, Roadhouse, he’s a client of ours. I think they do a nice dinner. Dylan at the MOD, he’s a client of ours. They have the wood-fired oven for their pizzas. Probably one of the best pizzas you’ll have around. Who am I missing? Who am I missing? Well, you got Virlie’s on Friday night, they do a Rib-Eye that lots of people are talking about.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2:           That’s a good thing.

Speaker 1:           There’s the McDonald’s at the-

Speaker 2:           There’s the McDonald’s over the road, yeah. Yeah, interestingly enough, I talked to one of the managers at McDonald’s there and he said, Pittsboro, they have five McDonald’s that they do. And he said that Pittsboro does more breakfast than the other four McDonald’s combined that they have, which I thought is neat. I guess just Pittsboro, we’re really into some breakfast around here.

Speaker 1:           There’s Compadres.

Speaker 2:           Compadres for some Mexican food. The brewery, I think is a decent dinner. S & T’s, I mean, I think of S & T’s as more of a lunch place, but certainly at dinnertime, they’re pretty packed. They got a lasagna cheese bowl. They have the Rib-Eye wrangler, grambler wrangler, grambler’s there Rib-Eye sandwich. Those are both borrowed from the [inaudible] out at Chapel Hill. What are some other? Bella Donna doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot anymore. They’re catering only now, I guess.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2:           There’s San Felipe, Mexican. Little Chinese place next to it, but yeah, I guess, I guess certainly Oakleaf leaving was a little bit a whole, there’s Farrington village or Farrington Inn. That’s one of your nicer dinners. That’s probably one of the best dinners in the state of North Carolina, and that’s nice. I’ve only done that a few times a client once gave me a $300 gift certificate and I was like, Woo hoo, free dinner at Farrington, and I still had to put money in. So that was a little bit surprising, and I think I did go to McDonald’s afterward because French portions, French cuisine, smaller portions, yeah. But yeah, I guess Postal Fish Company, MOD, and Roadhouse for your traditional going out date, dinner, and then Virlie’s, S & T’s, and the brewery for just a good family dinner at night. And then I guess we have all those places in front of Briar Chapel too, but I’m not sure if I consider those Pittsboro, but they’re up and coming.

Speaker 1:           Great, yeah.

Speaker 2:           Cool.