When Is The Worst Time of Year to Walk Land in North Carolina?

North Carolina Land Sales expert Eric Andrews explains that August is the worst month of the year to walk land. In August, the plants and weeds are their thickest, and the most insects ,such as ticks and chiggers, are out in full force.

Speaker 1:           When is the worst time year to walk land in North Carolina?

Speaker 2:           This is it right now, August and September. And it’s not just the heat because we have heat in July. It’s partly due to the vegetation. The vegetation in August and September is so much thicker. I mean there’s briars, prickers, goldenrod, milkweed, and just olive privet, kudzu vines, everything. It’s just choked with vegetation. So that makes it difficult to walk.

But the worst part are the bugs. This is the worst time of the year. I’m itching just thinking about it. I have bites all over me right now. The two worst right now are ticks and chiggers. They’re everywhere. Duct tape, Permethrin, nothing is 100%. Deet. I laugh when somebody says, “Oh, you need to try Avon Skin So Soft.” That’s like wearing a sweater and Antarctica. It is not going to cut it. You are so missing with what I deal with. I remember people telling me to … I had somebody say geranium oil or peppermint oil. Nothing works. I mean, they find a way. They’re the worst.

We also have, there’re spiders everywhere right now and hopefully if you’ve ever walked land this time of year, you guys know what a spider stick is because you have to walk land. Even if you’re on a trail, you have to have a stick in front of you to knock down the cobwebs. I have bites all over my neck right now, because that seems to be the perfect height force. You don’t see the spider webs and the spiders bite you right on the neck.

We have deer flies, which I don’t mind deer flies that much. They’re not that bad. We have mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nothing. We have horse flies. A horse fly bite hurts. I mean, they’re big and they hurt. We have fire ants. If you get bit by fire ants, you deserved it because you weren’t looking where you were supposed to be going. We have yellow jackets right now. There’s a ton of yellow jackets, and unfortunately when I walk land, I come across them every now and then.

But so there’s a lot of small things that don’t like you bothering them in the woods. I really am itching just thinking about this right now. I’m covered in bites. My bedsheets look like a homicide scene this time of year. It’s just the worst and don’t get me wrong. I mean, I love my job, and I get paid to get bit by these things, but this is not my favorite time of year to be walking land.