Types of Wildlife Found in Chatham County North Carolina

Chatham County Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews discusses some of the wildlife located in Chatham County in this video below, which is something many people buying land or hunting land want to know about:

They aren’t huge, but we have lots of deer. Albino deer and even a black deer was once spotted in Pittsboro.

We have a couple of black bear.

There are wild turkeys. We have owls, too, and osprey, hawks and bald eagles.

We have lizards, lots of box turtles and snapping turtles.

There are coyotes, red fox and there are some bobcats near the lake.

We have snakes, but they’re normally black racers or rat snakes. The snakes can get very large, 6′, 7′ or 8′ long, and they climb trees, too. Rarely we’ll see a copperhead snake.

There are also otters, raccoon, possums skunks and more!

In town

If you’re buying a house in town you will see deer everywhere. They are very friendly. They won’t exactly eat out of your hand, but they will walk through your front yard at 3 in the afternoon. Generally, they’re very fun to watch unless you have a garden. They’re know to effortlessly jump over 6′ high fences, munch down the leaves off of your plants and then hop away to the neighbor’s house.

Outside of city limits

Small packs of coyote exist. You’ll hear them at night and they sound like a massive pack, even if there are only 3 or 4.

If you have a flock of chickens, they’re most at risk in the spring and fall. Fox and coyote will most certainly grab one for lunch. They shouldn’t enter a coop, buy hungry raccoon and possum will. Some possums just eat eggs, and others will kill docile, sleeping chickens. Raccoons will rip open coops and tunnel underneath them if your security isn’t up to par.


Most hunters are seeking to hunt turkey or deer outside of the city limits. There are in deed some very large bucks in the area, however, they’ve been known to go nocturnal or hide deep in the woods. Of course, they’re out and about during the rut. There are plenty of big does around as well. In general, responsible hunting is encouraged in the area and there are no shortage of deer.