Tim Sweeny Land Buying in Chatham County NC

In this video Chatham County Land Expert Eric Andrews explains a little about Tim Sweeny and his land acquisitions in Chatham County NC.

Who is Tim Sweeny?

Tim Sweeny is a notable person who has their own Wikipedia page. While this paragraph is not going to cover Tim’s life story, it is safe to say that Tim is in Wikipedia because he is the founder of Epic Games and is best known for his work on ZZT and the Unreal Engine (which powers many extremely popular video games).

He is also one of the largest private land owners in the state of North Carolina.

Why is Tim Sweeny buying land in Chatham County?

There are many myths, much gossip, and multiple theories out there as to why Tim Sweeny is buying land in Chatham County. Some people say he is going to develop the land or frack the land and pollute it. However, myths like that one probably could not be further from the truth.

Much of the land Tim Sweeny has purchased in Chatham County resides along the Rocky River. This article says “Sweeney’s land protection efforts are strategic and targeted, with a focus on creating biological corridors and well-managed nature preserves.”  Tim Sweeny has a team of ecologists who will do a biodiversity survey when he is purchasing land.

The Rocky River is home to many delicate life forms and needs all the help it can get. The river is home to many types of mussels, clams, snails, crayfish, and shiner. In fact, many of these species are in decline or have even been eliminated over the years. Unfortunately, these native aquatic species are in danger of losing their home.

The Bottom Line

Chatham County is very fortunate that Tim Sweeny has taken an interest in our area.