Real Estate Agent to Represent a Landlocked Property Sale in North Carolina

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent or Land Broker to represent you for a landlocked property transaction please feel free to contact me today. I am a North Carolina Land Sales Expert.


What is unique about landlocked land sales

Landlocked property sales are unlike ordinary property sales in several ways. Most importantly, because there is no legal access to the property, banks are going to be very hesitant to offer any kind of financing. Secondly, gaining legal access is absolutely crucial, and there are only several ways of attempting to do so, and none of them are guaranteed to be successful.

Owners of neighboring properties may or may not be interested in working with you in order to get legal access to the land. If not, you could petition the local government or magistrates office to grant legal access, but certain requirements will need to be met, first. In both of these cases, the final decision is going to be in the hands of someone else. Be prepared to negotiate!

I’ve personally purchased landlocked property before, knowing full well the challenges that were in front of me. It took several attempts, and a few different strategies, but I was able to successfully negotiate with the owners of one of the neighboring properties and get legal access to the property. If you’re looking to purchase land that doesn’t yet have any legal access, I have the skills and experience to help you through the process.

Here is a video I made about getting access to landlocked land: