Subdivision coming soon to Goldston, North Carolina

The small town of Goldston in chatham County is set to see some major growth. With several new subdivisions submitted for approval, the town could see a doubling in its population! Join Eric as he talks about the current and future states of Goldston.

Speaker 1:           What’s happening in Goldston, North Carolina?

Speaker 2:           Goldston’s on the map. G town is on the map now. I’m on the county planning board and the planning director announced that there’s a 94 unit subdivision proposed for Goldston, 94 houses. I literally live just a couple miles from downtown Goldston and I’m outside of the Goldston town limits or whatever. They were saying that there’s a possibility of four subdivisions. With the approval of these subdivisions, literally just with these subdivisions, the population of Goldston will double. Goldston is a unique situation or whatever. People forget that Chatham County as a county does not have municipal sewer. So the places that have sewer are Pittsboro, Siler City and Goldston. Moncure’s getting it now with the help of Sanford and because of the new electric vehicle plant that’s being put in there.

All these other places like Governor’s Club, Fearrington, Briarchapel, Chapel Ridge, those are all private systems. Those aren’t municipal. So Goldston again, with the help of Sanford has municipal sewer right now. When we look at Goldston, you have Moncure the electric vehicle plant. You have Chatham Park here in Pittsboro. You have the Liberty plant, you have FedEx and Sanford. You draw it and it’s a big square and everything, and Goldston’s not in the middle, but it’s in that square right off of 421. It’s a cute town. It’s got a little main street. It’d be nice to have a grocery store there and it’d be nice to have a bank there.

Speaker 1:           Fast food restaurants?

Speaker 2:           They have some good fast food restaurants right now. I wish I bought a big farm next to Goldston like 10 years ago. I’d do really well if I had done…