When is the Seafood Restaurant Opening in Pittsboro NC?

You may have heard friends talking about the new seafood restaurant which should be coming to Pittsboro North Carolina. This, friends, would be Postal Fish Co. (PFC).


When is the Seafood Restaurant Opening in Pittsboro NC?

The last we heard, we heard the opening date will be late 2017.

Will the fish really be fresh?

The logo and quote is from their Kickstarter page:

The factor that will set us apart from all other food establishments is our commitment to personally travel twice weekly to select and procure the very best fish & shellfish from South Atlantic fishermen, who we have cultivated relationships with over the years. This includes people like Wayne Mershon of Kenyon Seafood, who has a fleet of fishing boats and understands Sustainable Fish and the market for them, Bill and Cathy Livingston, who farm clams year round but also have a fleet of shrimpers and crabbers as well and Steve Goodwin & Renee Perry from salty catch seafood out of Beaufort, NC, who shrimp and pound net off the coast.

Why Pittsboro?

This is just one of the many businesses eyeballing Pittsboro due to the upcoming Chatham Park Development.

We can’t wait for this business to open!