Pokémon Go Pokéstops and Gyms in Pittsboro NC

Pittsboro Downtown on Pokemon Go
Pittsboro Downtown on Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and Pokéstops are everywhere, including Pittsboro North Carolina.


Red team has taken over the Pittsboro Courthouse (gym). There is a gym as Snap Fitness, at the courthouse and several other locations. I will add them all to this list shortly.

  • Pittsboro Courthouse
  • Chatham Mills Water Tower
  • Pittsboro Post Office
  • State Employees Credit Union


With all of the historical places in Pittsboro we have a ton of Pokéstops. Downtown is literally littered with Pokéstops. In the immediate downtown section is Cafe Diem coffee, Phoenix Bakery & the Roadhouse.


Cafe Diem coffee is a Pokéstop taking full advantage of Pokémon Go by deploying Pokélure every time someone spends $5. The red team is hanging out here quite a lot. Every time Pokélure is up Pokémon are all over the place from rattats to pidgeys and wild horses.

The City Tap and French Connection also had Pokélure raining down on them today at the time of this article (July 12 2016). Actually, anywhere there is a Pokéspot you can find Pokélure!

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And, here’s some real estate comedy for you:

pokestops house