Pittsboro NC Ghost Story – “Mother” on Roberson Creek Road

Would it be Halloween in Pittsboro NC without hearing about one of our local ghost stories? This is the story of “Mother”, as told by Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews. The alleged haunted house is right here in Chatham County on Roberson Creek Road.

Speaker 1:           Do you have any other Chatham county ghost stories?

Speaker 2:           So I actually had a situation where I had this couple with two kids right around the corner on Roberson Creek Road. And they were selling their house on a couple acres and they were buying a house on a couple of acres. And it really didn’t make sense. They were selling the house for like 375 and they were buying a house for 380 and I was just like, “What’s the deal here?”

And they were real tight lipped. And my photographer went in there and they started taking pictures in this one room. And we got these circles. And if you looked at the circles, you would kind of see like a smiley face or whatever, but it was just like these weird orbs in all the pictures. And we were like, “Huh, that’s weird.” And we asked the sellers about it. And they’re like, “What room was that?”

And so the reason, they told me this after they moved, the reason why they were moving is because the kids kept on talking about this imaginary friend named Mother. And when the kids would go to sleep at night, they would wake up and there’d be an empty glass on their nightstand. And the kids would tell their parents about it. And they’re like, “Oh, you must have got up and got a glass in the middle of the night.” Or whatever.

But the kids thought it was the parents. The parents thought it was the kids. And it didn’t happen every night, but every now and then there’d be a glass. But the thing that really freaked out the kids was that whenever they enjoyed themselves playing, there was a wooden chair in the corner of the room and the wooden chair would move an inch at a time. They never saw it move, but it would be an inch, an inch and an inch. By the time that they were done playing the wooden chair would be in the middle of the room. And the people that owned the house ended up talking to their neighbor and the woman that had owned the house before poisoned her kids with glass of milk every night and put a little bit of poison in it. And after the kids died, she got that wooden chair and put it in the middle of the room and hung herself.