People are Moving from New Jersey to Pittsboro North Carolina

Pittsboro Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews sells homes with acreage and has had a huge uptick in calls from people moving from New Jersey and New York to North Carolina. People looking for some land who want to be near Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill often move to Pittsboro.

Speaker 1:           We had an uptick in people from New Jersey that are interested in moving to Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Speaker 2:           Yeah, yeah. I don’t think they know what Pittsboro is or whatever. I think they’re just looking in North Carolina in general, and they just see stuff come up with acreage. I think they’re really blown away by the difference in prices. So yeah, we’re getting a lot of phone calls and it’ll be Nick or Joey from New Jersey, and he says, “I want to sell my townhome, 2,400 square foot townhome, 600,000, what can I get for there?” They’re already blown away. They’ve already been on Zillow,, Trulia, or whatever. And they’re like, can I really get a house and 10 acres with a barn, and a garage, and a pond for 600 grand? I’m like, yeah, you really can. I mean, 600 grand here is still a high, high price for us.

I mean, Chatham County averaging in at 280 to 350 area. And so, when someone says 600, that’s way above average for us or whatever, but apparently, in New Jersey, it’s not a big deal. Now what I do worry about, what they’ve told me is the people that are living really close to the city. They said there’s just a massive migration out of the city. And they’re all going into the suburban areas of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. So they can have an easy commute to the city, still work from home, still be not too far from the city, and so they said that their suburban prices have skyrocketed there.

We’re not seeing a huge difference in prices right now, but there are a lot of calls. There are a lot of people that are calling from New Jersey. All the news says massive migration or whatever, but a lot of the phone calls that we’re getting is I’m going to come down and check you out in November. I think I’m going to move down here next year or the year after, they have to wrap up work stuff or whatever, or figure out with their job, how they can still work remotely. But, we’re getting more calls from New Jersey than we ever have.