Perc Sites and Land Sales

In order to sell land there usually needs to be a perc site.

Especially in Chatham County, soil can vary drastically from one acre to the next. Even a smaller tract of land such as 5 acres may require several perc tests to find an area which can pass a percolation test.

Septic systems require soil that is permeable and can absorb liquid from leach fields. A perc site is often required before a house may be built, especially in rural towns in Chatham county (Pittsboro, Siler City, etc) when there is no municipal sewage system available.

Many offers to purchase land are contingent upon a recent perc test.

Below is a video we took with our transaction coordinator. In this video, she explains that many sellers of land are often surprised by the time and effort that goes into a perc test. When land doesn’t perc right away, sometimes the assistance of a soil scientist is needed.

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