People from New Jersey are Moving to Pittsboro North Carolina in 2020

People from New Jersey, New York and California have been calling now in 2020 more than ever. Lots of people are seeking to move out of the city and get some land where they can be away from crowds of people and viruses.

More and more people are working from home and they’re flocking to North Carolina where we have warm weather, beaches, mountains, less taxes and an awesome economy.

Looking for Land

Most people moving to the area end up in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill or one of the many suburbs. However, people looking for a few acres with their house end up eventually moving to Pittsboro.

Outside of the city limits people hunt on their own land, garden and have chickens – although some simply enjoy the trees or a swimming pool.

Downtown Pittsboro is a charming little place and the coming Chatham Park is bringing modern parks and greenways to the area.

How far is Pittsboro from Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill?

Pittsboro to the RDU airport is 30 minutes. It can actually be faster to get to the Raleigh airport from Pittsboro than it is from Raleigh, depending on the time of day you’re driving. While traffic in Raleigh is absolutely nothing like NJ, you can get stuck at a light for 3 cycles often during busy times of the day.

Pittsboro is a straight shot down an uncrowded Highway 64 to the Raleigh beltline. It’s about a 20 minute drive from downtown Pittsboro to Cary, which borders Raleigh. Once you’re in Cary, it really depends on which part of Raleigh you’re going to. Downtown Pittsboro to Downtown Raleigh is about 35-40 minutes on a weekend but during rush hour you may spend another 20 minutes in traffic.

Pittsboro to Chapel Hill or Durham is generally a straight shot down 15/501. It’s about a 25min drive. Durham is huge, so your drive could be 20 minutes or it could be an hour.