Buying and Selling Land in New Hill North Carolina

If you are interested in selling land in Chatham County please see my huge and comprehensive page on Chatham County Land Sales. I have helped people relocate to New Hill and sell several large acreage tracts of land in and around New Hill for a wide variety of purposes.

What is happening in New Hill in 2016?

On the eastern boundary of Chatham County North Carolina we have New Hill which borders Wake County. New Hill has a huge new wastewater facility that many people do not want to live near and the same goes for the (safe) Sharon Harris nuclear reactor (to learn more about this, see my page on adjoining properties and property values). New Hill his most well known for the steam engine.
New Hill is not really a town or a city, it is basically a community or an area.

Who is moving to New Hill?

Some people find property near Army Corpse of Engineers / Game Land. This land is “forever wild” and will never be developed. Properties which butt up against the Army Corpse of Engineers property get about a “30% bump” meaning they are very desirable and worth more.

Lots of horse owners are moving to New Hill as well. With the prices of APex and Cary and other areas of Wake county constantly rising in price, getting a chunk of land which has the space for horses and allows horses is difficult. New Hill NC is convenient to Cary and homeowners here get to enjoy Chatham County taxes which are lower than Wake County’s.

Buying and Selling Land in New Hill NC

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