Is Chatham County Still a Good Place to Buy Land in 2022?

With the market hotter than ever, are there still good land opportunities available in Chatham County? In this video, Eric divulges why land is still a good buy in Chatham County in 2022.

Speaker 1:           Is Chatham County still a good place to buy land?

Speaker 2:           How could I say otherwise? 2021 was quite the year for land sales. I am so lucky to have been affiliated with Realtors Land Institute and focusing on land sales. It’s a phenomenal play. Well, first of all, you’re not going to buy land in Wake County. It’s almost impossible. If you’re going to buy raw land in Wake County, gone are the days of buying 20 acres in Wake County to put your farm or to put your house or to put your horses on. It can happen, but it’s really a needle in a haystack because when 20 acres comes up for sale in Wake County now, there are site selectors, builder teams. They’re looking at how many rooftops can we get on this 20 acres?

It’s not going to be a farm. It’s going to be … It might be commercial or whatever, but there is such a focus on how many rooftops, how many developable lots can we get on this property, that for you to buy 20 acres for yourself, you can do it if you’re one of those pharmaceutical multimillionaires or whatever, but it’s incredibly rare to get that raw acreage. Chatham County is where the land is, so I think we’re real fortunate there.

Just to give you an example, today I listed three acres just over the Wake County line, but it’s in Chatham County. This is three acres for 600,000. Is it its own commercial? No, it’s all residential, but to the west of this property, we have a two and a half million dollar home and to the east of this property, we have a $5 million home. So three acres, 600,000, is not outrageous. If you’re looking for that “Can I shoot in my backyard?” Or “Can I pee off the back porch?” or “Can I park my boat or RV somewhere,” chances are you’re going to have to look south or west of Chatham to get those acreage property. I think Chatham County is not only an excellent place to buy land, but if you’re going to want to commute to work in RTB or the RTU area, this is where the land’s at.