How To Sell Land and Lots in Chapel Ridge in Pittsboro NC

Chapel Ridge Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews discusses how land is sold in Chapel Ridge.

Speaker 1:                           How do you sell land in Chapel Ridge?

Eric Andrews:                    Well, first, you want an agent that’s familiar with the Chapel Ridge subdivision. And Realtor World Carolina Properties has an office in Pittsboro, and we actually have an office in the clubhouse on site at the Chapel Ridge community. And we get a lot of walk-in traffic. I mean, it’s advertised. It has its own website. It’s on the Google. And so people are pulling to that clubhouse and asking information about lots, and they’re asking information about the builders, the covenants, the ARB. They want to know a lot about that community.

So I think it’s important to be with a firm that knows the area and is familiar with the area. I’m going to credit a land consultant. So I specialize in land sales. I think that’s an advantage to our sellers. And then, I think another important thing is, before you hire an agent, you should look at how many of those lots have they sold. So if you have an agent, might be your best friend, Mary, that lives next door, and Carrie, she might be giving you a great ramp, but if she doesn’t know anything about the subdivision and she doesn’t have any experience selling the lots, I don’t think that’s a good thing. Dave might have his real estate license and actually lives in Chapel Ridge, but if he’s working for a firm out of Chapel Hill and hasn’t sold any lots, I don’t think that’s an asset.

Familiarity with the subdivision, pricing it right, marketing it. We put it on 800 different websites. A lot of those websites, we make sure our land specialized a specific for golf course communities or raw land sales. And just looking at someone that has the experience and the knowledge

Speaker 1:                           Have you sold many there?

Eric Andrews:                    I have sold a good amount of lots there.

Speaker 1:                           So people should just call you?

Eric Andrews:                    People should just call Eric Andrews. No, we have a lot of good agents. I don’t spend any time working out of the Chapel Ridge office. We have a lot of good agents that are there. I do do some different advertising as far as the lots are concern, and it’s my specialization. One of the things that we came up with, with one of my sellers, he actually had a lot that was below the water tower, and not everybody wants to live below the water tower and everything, so he came up with the idea of, “Well, let’s beautify this lot. Let’s clear in between the trees and make this look like a park.” And he did. And now that’s something that we advise all our sellers to do, and it makes a big difference in the appearance. And it’s the reason why Realtor World Carolina Properties has sold the most lots in Chapel Ridge.