How Deep do Wells need to be in Chatham County NC?

Some real estate agents and other land buyers ask us how deep wells need to be here in Pittsboro and other areas of Chatham County North Carolina.

The answer is, you just don’t know until you start digging.

Generally speaking, the average well in Chatham County is around 270 feet deep.

A 270′ deep well may produce 5 GPM (gallons per minute), while the one next door may need to be 600′ deep just to get the same GPM.

In the video below, Eric Andrews also explains soil quality. A few points:

  • Around Jordan Lake, the soil is low quality. It holds water very well (it holds Jordan Lake)
  • Along Highway 64 from Pittsboro to Randolph County, the soil is very good
  • The Southwestern section of Chatham County has poor soil quality (Bonlee, Bennet, and Goldston).