How Much Land Does Duck Dynasty Own?

Twice this week. Twice! People have asked me how many acres Phil Robertson owns, or how much land Duck Dynasty owns.

At first I thought this was for the birds, then I decided to Google it. Reports on the Internet vary, but it appears that the Robertson family owns between 800 and 1,000 acres of land in Monroe County, Louisiana.

In February 2014 Phil Robertson and Miss May purchased an addition 21.5 acres of riverfront property on the Ouachita River for $50,000 according to this article.

Duck Dynasty is the well known TV show that features the Robertson family and their business selling Duck Commander duck calls. The television series is famous because in season 4 it became the most watched non-fiction television show ever, as reported here.

If you’ve never seen Duck Dynasty, well, here is one of the stars, Si, doing what Si does: