Chatham News and Record, Eric Andrews Real Estate & YouTube Requests

Throughout 2022 readers of the Chatham News and Record will see an advertisement from Eric Andrews showing recently sold homes. Their website will also feature a recent video from this YouTube channel. Readers are encouraged to submit real estate questions.

Speaker 1:                           What’s your upcoming ad campaign?

Eric Andrews:                    We’ve partnered with Chatham News + Record, and we’re going to do an ad every week for the entire year of 2022. And one of the things that we’re going to do is we’re going to show our clients and the public which properties we’ve sold in the last 12 months. And so it’ll change, the first one will be January to December, but then the next one will be February to January and so it’ll be rotating. And just for instance, to let you know in the last 12 months I’ve sold 78 properties. That’s the most I’ve ever done in a year. 78 is quite a bit to sell in one year. But what I want the readers of the Chatham News + Record to know is it wasn’t like I just sold 78 properties in Pittsboro. I sold them in Saxapahaw, Silk Hope, Bennett, Bonlee, Goldston, Bear Creek.

I want people to see, oh, he’s sold something in my backyard, oh, I know that street. And so I’ll have the location, the acreage if applicable and how much it sold for, so people will get an idea. That’s going to be in the paper every week. We’re also going to feature some of these YouTube videos, so a particular topic, and we’ve been doing several of these per month for quite a while now. And so we’ll just mix it up and feature some of those so people can take a look at the YouTube videos. And then another interesting thing I thought we would do is we’ll have our website and email out there so people can submit email questions. And if we get an email question that comes up a bunch of times, then we’ll make that a featured YouTube video the following month.