Chatham County’s New Sewer Plan

Chatham County recently released their comprehensive water and water treatment plan. The plan is a 50 year plan which covers Pittsboro, Siler City, Goldston and Moncure. This is big news for everyone in the area and will also impact real estate investors, builders and land owners. Land Expert Eric Andrews is giving strong consideration to investing in land between Pittsboro and Sanford.

Speaker 1:           Tell us about the sewer in Pittsboro in 2020.

Speaker 2:           Well, Chatham County just came out with their comprehensive plan for expansion of water and wastewater treatment, basically that is going to cover Pittsboro, Siler City, Goldstone, and Muntger, the Muntger area’s going to have sewer now. So this is a 25, 50 year plan. There’s the city limits of Pittsboro right now, but they’re talking about pretty much expanding Pittsboro sewer up to the Hall River and down to the Rocky River. And probably four or five miles east and west of here probably to the Hall River, to the east. And as far as to the west is concerned probably right around like Alex Cockman Road. So for those of us that own property between Pittsboro and the Rocky River, or between Pittsburgh and the Hall River and everything, it’s a fairly aggressive plan. A lot of people don’t like the expansion of sewer, too many people are going to move here.

There’s going to be a lot of people are going to move here. One of the benefits of a sewer system is we have a term called sprawl in urban development or rural development. And right now a septic system is limited in this county to a minimum of an acre and a half, which an acre and a half is pretty big. And if it has a municipal water system, then the smallest lot size you can have is 40,000 square feet, just under an acre. So if we have sewer, you can get higher density. You can have multi-family, you could have town homes, you can have apartment buildings and you could have much smaller lots, quarter eighth. I’ve seen, well town home lots are even a little bit less than a 10th of an acre. So if you can put that many more lots on an acre, you’re going to have more concentration, but you’re going to have less sprawl, which most people agree is better for the environment.

So here it is, we’re in the beginning of the 21st century and the rate of growth is still determined by water and sewer. People are always talking about, oh, we need a T1 line or we need all this high speed internet and everything, or we need more rail. We need more public transportation. The biggest factor is still water and sewer that is going to be concentrated around the Pittsboro and the Siler City area. Of course, it’ll be moving over from Apex. It’ll be moving over from Carrie. It’ll be moving down from Durham. It’ll be moving down from Chapel Hill, but there’s some good things for some people that are in the Pittsboro area. And investing in land between Pittsboro and Sanford right now on this side of the Rocky River would be a strong consideration.