Buying and Selling Land in Bonlee NC in 2017

We list large acreage tracts of land for sale in Bonlee North Carolina. Most of the buyers picking up land in Bonlee at the moment pick it up in the $3,000 – $6,000 per acre range and use it for agricultural purposes such as farming. If you are looking to sell land in Bonlee please feel free to contact me today. As seen on my home page I am the land expert in the area and can help sellers move their land as quickly as possible for as much as possible. Please also feel free to visit my page dedicated to Land Sales in Chatham County.

What is happening in Bonlee in 2017?

As of late 2016, downtown in Bonlee is basically for sale. This is not normally a strong selling point but Bonlee is only 6 miles from Siler City. If you have driven through Bonlee you are probably familiar with the single blinking light in downtown.

Bonlee has a great school system and great people. In the interview below I discuss more about Bonlee that could help potential buyers and people moving to Bonlee NC.