Will a Listing Agent Walk Land with Potential Buyers

North Carolina Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews explains that most listing agents are not going to go walk land with you and what your buyer’s agent should know.

Speaker 1:           What can a buyer’s agent do to look smarter with their clients than the listing agents?

Eric:                        Not everybody’s familiar with land and most real estate agents are residential agents, so when they are dealing with land they’re a little bit out of their element. There are some common things that we get asked all the time regarding land when the other agent is helping a buyer. And so probably one of the most frustrating things is when an agent calls and says, “Hey, Eric, I see you got this 20 acres listed, you mind walking that with my clients?” Yeah, I do mind. We always have to do what’s in the best interest of our sellers, but do your damn job. That’s what the buyer’s agent’s supposed to be doing with those buyers.