Why is Pittsboro Growing So Fast in 2022?

Right now, you can get so much for your dollar, people from all over the states are flocking to the area.

Interviewer:           2022. Why is Pittsboro growing so fast?

Eric:           We’re just in the way. I mean, you have this explosion. You have Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex. We’re just in the way. And we have this huge, beautiful recreational lake, Jordan lake, but you can’t live on the lake. So it kind of catapults. So Cary, Apex and Durham are pretty much on the east side of the lake now. I mean, they’ve gone as far as they can. And so now it hopscotches over and the next place is Pittsboro. Pittsboro’s the only place that has municipal sewer. So when you have these neighborhoods, like The Preserve, that’s a private septic system. When you have a Briar Chapel or a Governor’s Club, those are all private septic systems. They have their own sewer facilities. Fearrington has its own. But Pittsboro is the only municipality.

We’re blessed. I mean, a lot of money came in and so we have Chatham Park and Chatham Park is a phenomenal investment. You all know, it’s thousands of acres and it pretty much goes from the Pittsboro bypass section, almost all the way down to Moncure, and it’s just this huge swath of land. They’re putting in office buildings, they’re putting in a hotel, they’re putting in restaurants, they’re putting in a lot of commercial and they’re starting to build rooftops right now. They’re putting in a school.

And so Pittsboro doesn’t have a whole lot of subdivisions unto itself other than Chatham Park, but when we get just outside of Pittsboro, if somebody says, well, I have to have two acres. You’re not going to get a house and two acres in Chatham park, at least not now. And so we have that product just a few miles outside of Pittsboro. So, so many people are coming here. We have West Coast, California calling they’re selling their house for 1.2. They are blown away with what you can get for 600,000 here. So that’s one of the reasons why there’s so much pressure on Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham and Chapel Gill, and it’s going outward, and Pittsboro just happens to be in the way.