What is the Pittsboro Rotary Trike Rodeo

Pittsboro Rotary member Eric Andrews talks about the first Trike Rodeo! It’s $10 to drift a trike and it goes to a great cause. Come eat at the food trucks, drift a trike and have some fun. It is going to be a nice day out on 11/3/2019. The event takes place between 11AM and 4PM. Proceeds benefit Rotary Community Projects including scholarships, hunger relief, Books for kids and more.

Speaker 1:           What is the Rotary Trike Rodeo?

Speaker 2:           So Pittsboro Rotary Club, civic organization, over the last few years, we’ve done a reverse raffle and we’ve had some bands at Pittsboro Rotary. And we’ve done an auction as a fundraiser. This year we were getting together and deciding what we’re going to do as a fundraiser and we were in VP Coffee Warehouse out in Siler City. And that’s owned by a good friend of mine and a fellow Rotarian, Nick Dakas. He’s our club treasurer. As we were thinking about what to do in the back of his warehouse, somebody had one of these trikes, big wheels or whatever. They started racing around in the warehouse and they were like, “man, wouldn’t this be a good idea for a fundraiser? That was several months ago. And a lot of planning has gone into this, another Rotarian, Jessica, she runs the YMCA here in Pittsboro main street station.

Heath Williamson has said, “yeah, you guys can use the parking lot.” So we are setting up a course this weekend, Sunday, November 3rd. And for $10, you can get on a trike and race around and you’ll get timed. We have these trophies that were made by Eric Williams. They have gears and Springs and whatnot, these really nice trophies and you get a free t-shirt, which is really neat. The t-shirt has this great cartoon on it, and I say great because I drew it, but it has this cartoon on it of this kid riding right at you on a trike. Newt and Nick and Paul Horn and I, we all tested out these things and they’re just oversized big wheels and so when you turn, they slide.

We’re going out there today to design the course. We’re going to have several food trucks out there so people can get food. We’re actually going to have some race day cocktails. So there’ll be some cocktails that you can buy at the place. And there’s going to be divisions for kids. There’s going to be team divisions, so we’re doing real estate offices versus real estate offices, we’re doing fire departments versus fire departments. It’s a great way for the community to get together, raise money. Money’s going toward Northwood scholarships. We also do worldwide eradication of polio. We do the Quora food bank here, rotary club gives turkeys this time of year. It’s just a great way for our club to raise money and to get involved in the community. It ought to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to be one of the announcers. Lonnie West is going to be an announcer. Newt Heilman’s going to design the course, Nick Dakas is helping with that. A lot of people have come together. There’s a lot to do. The town manager Brian has gotten us cones and we’re bringing in haystacks. We’ve had some great, great corporate sponsors. So we’re looking forward to it. It is Sunday, November 3rd, Main Street station in Pittsboro. We start at 11 o’clock and it should be over around three or four.