What is Pittsboro First Sunday

Pittsboro NC Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews explains what Pittsboro First Sunday is.

Speaker 1:           What is Pittsboro First Sunday?

Speaker 2:           So, first Sunday of the month now local merchants and crafts, people are showing their wearers. They get a little spot on the sidewalk up and down Main Street. And we have everything from knife sales to little wooden boxes to custom signs, lawn furniture.

Speaker 1:           Ice cream.

Speaker 2:           Ice cream. Yeah. And I would say for a long time, the criticism was it’s the same old month after month or whatever. But I think it’s expanded quite a bit. I think people in the surrounding Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill apex areas are familiarizing with ourself and it’s an expectation. And yeah, I mean our office isn’t open on Sunday just because we don’t have a mass influx of it. People are doing so much stuff over the internet now that office hours aren’t as important. But if I have a sale or if there’s documents that I have to get looked at or printed or meet with a client and have signed, it’s very difficult to get parking or whatever, it’s pretty jammed right now. Sometimes they’ll have some music. There’s the merchants Association and Pittsboro has done a really good job of promoting it. And I think it certainly helps all local businesses and gives us a little bit more color and culture for sure.