What Happened to the Pittsboro Ford Dealership

Commercial Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews discusses Pittsboro Ford, where it went, and rumors of what will happen to the land.

Speaker 1:           What happened to the Ford dealership?

Speaker 2:           What happened to it? It got bought out. Pittsboro Ford got bought out by-

Speaker 1:           Crossroads.

Speaker 2:           Crossroads Ford. Crossroads Ford owns quite a few facilities in the area. It is one of the ways that they consolidate expenses and lessen the amount of competition they have. That was part of their plan to buy it and shut her down.

Speaker 1:           Do they still own the land?

Speaker 2:           Yeah. Yep. Yep.

Speaker 1:           Somebody told me they were selling it to Chatham Park.

Speaker 2:           They might sell it to Chatham Park. That’s a possibility. Yeah. But Chatham Park probably sees the value of that place in the dirt. There is a lot of improved infrastructure there. That’s where the negotiations lie. I don’t think Chatham Park wants to use that land to have a car dealership. There is some money involved in the structure as far as a car dealership is concerned and Crossroads wants to make damn sure that’s not going to be a car dealership. It’s one of the funny things that you see all the time. I love it when you see a food line moves from one side of town to the other. They will rent that old food line themselves. They will pay the lease on it for three to five years and leave it empty because they don’t want another damn grocery store in there. I’m pretty sure Crossroads Ford didn’t buy that spot to let another car dealership go in there. That’s not going to happen. But yeah, that’s one of the rumors that Chatham Park might be interested. They’re on both sides of it.