Chatham County Land for Tiny Homes and Micro Houses

The tiny home movement is growing across the United States. With the explosive growth that Chatham County is about to experience there is no doubt that I will soon have people calling me looking for Chatham County land that is suitable for tiny homes and micro houses. These are small and usually portable homes that are under 1,000sf, but some are as small as 80sf.

Less is more

For some people, less is more. Having a small home has a variety of benefits. Some people simply do not want or need a 2,500sf home, the bills that come along with it, or the cleaning and other chores. A 350sf home on wheels is very appealing.

Use a real estate agent

When looking for a place or rural lot to park your tiny home it would behoove you to contact a real estate agent familiar with the area. As Chatham County’s land expert I know exactly which areas will meet your zoning requirements. Most people with tiny homes will want a well or water, septic & electric hookup. I also have dozens of parcels of land listed here in the area. If you are looking for 1 – 5 acres (or more or less) feel free to give me a call. There are many areas of Chatham County outside of city limits where you can avoid strict building codes. Some of these properties already have wells on them or septic fields or are perc tested.

tiny house

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