Is Pittsboro NC Getting a Target or a Publix?

The 15-501 corridor is going to absolutely explode over the next 40 years as Chatham Park matures. People and companies from China, Pakistan, India and all over the USA are snapping up land in Chatham County.

Major retailers and grocery stores who sign 20 and 30 year leases are going to want to be positioned in these extremely lucrative locations.

Currently, many Pittsboro residents shop at Food Lion or Piggly Wiggly, but many also travel to Cary for Costco, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and just wait until Wegman’s gets here. However, most who venture out of Pittsboro head North on 15-501 to Walmart, Harris Teeter, Lowe’s  or Trader Joe’s.

The Morgan Property Group is considering a 28 acre site at US 15-501 and Polks Landing Road. This land would need to be rezoned commercial and would need to be approved by the Chatham County Planning Board and the board of commissioners for approval. This is a Chapel Hill address and is located in Chatham County.

The 28 acre tract would be used for “a highly regarded, national tenant, according to an article on WNCN.

As always, there are some people who love the idea and some who hate the idea.

The rumors are that this land could be used for a Publix or a Target.