Soil Types Affect Land Values in North Carolina

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Most people are concerned with peculation testing land. If land holds too much water and will not perc. Home sites require septic systems. Septic systems require soil that is permeable and can absorb liquid from leach fields.

Soil productivity is often an issue with agricultural land. The productivity of soil is determined by its ability to allow agricultural plants to take root and its ability to provide water and nutrients.

Soil problems can be a factor. If land was used for farming it needs to be checked for pesticides. If land has a fuel tank in it, that is something to be extra careful of.

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Soil testing

North Carolina has great soil maps.

In many cases it is worthwhile to have a soil scientist do an evaluation of the soils on land that is being purchased or sold.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture also provides soil testing and detailed chemical soil analyses. They can test for things like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, magnese, copper, zinc, sodium, pH & acidity. They can offer site specific recommendations to optimize crop yields and maximize farm efficiency.

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