Selling Land and Homes in and Around Siler City, North Carolina – Different Than Pittsboro

Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews discusses what is unique about selling land and homes in Siler City, Silk Hope, Bonlee, Bennett, Goldston, Bear Creek, Ramseur, Liberty, Staley and other areas of Chatham and Randolph County, North Carolina. He also discusses large acreage tracts and the schools near Siler.

Speaker 1:           What’s unique about selling land or property in Siler City?

Speaker 2:           Well Siler City is much less expensive than Pittsboro right now. There are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods in Siler City just like there are in any town. When it comes to selling land it’s hard to find land in Pittsboro right now. You don’t have to go too far outside of Siler City to find land. We have Silk Hope, Bonlee, Bennett, Goldston, Bear Creek, and even Ramseur and Liberty on the other sides. Staley… There’s a bunch of land for sale near Siler City. One of the big things with Siler City right now is people are looking at the schools.

I remember when I first started doing real estate in Chatham County. I had just left teaching at the Northwood Chatham County school, Northwood High School, and everybody was like, man, if we could only be like Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill School, Carrboro School, East Chapel Hill; that was the goal that we were looking at. I think Northwood School is very competitive with Chapel Hill Schools now. And I think Northwood High School is very competitive with the Wake County Schools. Jordan-Matthews is still having some tough times. Jordan-Matthews certainly has kids that go on to higher education. We’ve had Morehead scholars. We’ve had people go to Yale and Stanford, out of Siler City, but Siler City, as far as the state grades and the state SAT scores doesn’t do as well as some of the other parts of the state.

One of the things that Siler City does have now is a charter school and the charter school’s doing very well. They have a very aggressive academic program. The majority of those kids are graduating from Chatham Charter School with an associate’s degree. So that’s really, really strong. Those kids are going on to good schools. I have a client that had a granddaughter just graduate, and she’s going to Carolina right now. Excellent program, but it is different. It is different.

There’s different building issues. There’s some different neighborhoods in Siler City. It is different enough that we decided to open up an office in Siler City. We have agents there that specialize in that market because it is 16 miles down the road, but the sellers are different, the buyers are different and the product is different. It’s very, very common for us to have three, four, five, even $600,000 homes in the Pittsboro area. That’s not very common in the Siler City area. I think our average in Pittsboro is about 284, 285. Our average in Siler City is probably about 136, 137, so huge, huge difference. It’s very, very rare to have an expensive home in Siler City. The other thing we need to look at are the income differences between Pittsboro and Siler City. That’s certainly going to affect what people are buying, but I love the people in Siler City, love the farms that are out there. I’m a land guy. I have a couple big tracks of land for sale out there. That’s where the big tracks are, is in the Siler City area.