Selling Hunting Land in Chatham County NC

Chatham County Land Sales Expert Eric Andrews Explains what makes ideal hunting land in Chatham County. Generally, it’s land that runs $2000-$4000 an acre. When sellers come to Eric with land near Apex or Pittsboro, it can be sold for much more for other purposes. There is also good information in this video for Raleigh hunters seeking to buy land in Chatham County. Land drastically drops in price when you get south and/or west of downtown Pittsboro.

Interviewer:                       So when somebody’s listing land for sale, what determines if they should list it for hunting land?

Speaker 2:                           Price. Price, and distance. Commute. So there’s a big hunting population in the Raleigh area. So how far did they have to go before they’re going to be allowed to hunt and they’re not going to get yelled at or in trouble? And then it’s also a price. So maybe it will change and maybe other people could afford more. Right now we find that hunting land is right at two and a half to $4,000 per acre. And then, you got to figure out how much land do you want for hunting?

Well, I mean, 10 acres is a lot of land, but it’s not a lot of land for hunting. Probably like 40 would be the minimum, but we’re usually getting more excited about a hundred or 200 or 300 acres, as far as hunting land is concerned. I’m from upstate New York. And my grandfather used to be part of these clubs and they would have 1100, 1200 acres leased. And some of them would have three to 5,000 acres leased. But the density of deer in upstate New York is certainly not the same as it is in Chad County. They’re bigger, but fewer. There’s a lot more of them here, but they’re a lot smaller.

Interviewer:                       What about that new listing you had, was 22 acres?

Speaker 2:                           Yeah, so I mean, that seller actually called me up because he thought it would be great hunting land. And he said that he shot a Turkey on that land every year for the last 20 years. But I mean that land is across the street from a major subdivision. It’s on a fairly busy paved road. It’s right next door to the fire department. So, I don’t think that’s ideal hunting land. I mean, we’re talking 15 to 20,000 an acre in that area and this land has beautiful soils and so it’ll be a multiple purp situation. So I’m sure whoever buys that land will put three, four, or five houses on it.

So yeah, I mean, that land just gets too expensive for people to buy big tracks that are ideal for hunting. And then we have this giant reservoir, lake that is surrounded by game lands. And we usually tell our clients when they back up to US government, Army Corps land around Jordan Lake that we usually give somewhere between a 20 to 30% bump if it adjoins US government land like that. But that’s nice, that it will always be wild. It’ll never be developed behind you. And so that’s a great feature, never have a neighbor, but you will have complete strangers walk in your backyard with a gun because I mean, that’s public land for hunting and that does happen.

I’ve never had anybody have any incidents with bullet holes in their vinyl siding or anything like that. But yeah, it’s a concern, it’s a concern. There’s certainly noise, I mean, during hunting season. You know it, so right now, if somebody from Raleigh called me and said, “Eric, I want some hunting land,” I have 50 acres in the Bonleigh, Bennett area for a hundred grand. That’s good. That’s good hunting land. Land between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill and between Pittsboro and Apex, the prices just don’t make it affordable.