What is the Pittsboro NC Rotary Club?

Rotary is an international civic service organization that was started in the early 1900s. The Pittsboro NC club is part of District 7690 which meets once per month.

So we have Pittsboro Rotary Club now. Rotary is an international civic service organization that was started in the early 1900s. It was professionals getting together in the Chicago area to provide service and means of charity, giving back to the community. And also setting professional standards within the business community.

So I was involved with Rotary in Siler City and I’ve always worked real estate out of the Pittsboro area, but we didn’t have that organization. And so I got my start with Rotary in the Siler city area. That club, it was like 110, 120 members. And I learned a lot from those people. Those people were great, great business mentors and taught me a lot about how to conduct myself in the business world in Chatham County.

Became a victim of my own success. Half hour drive there and then an hour lunch and a half hour drive back was a two hour hole in my day. And we just got so busy with real estate, I wasn’t able to do it. But when they started talking about having a club in Pittsboro, I wanted to know more about it. We did some preliminary meetings. We met with the District Governor of Rotary and he said we had 20 some odd people initially interested. And so he gave us a charter and we have… I was one of the original 20 something original charter members. Lonnie West, another real estate broker here in the area, had some familiarity with Rotary in Siler City, and he took the remainder of our first year. And he was our first president. And then I soon became the first annual president and very lucky that I had great people to work with that did special events. We raised money. We gave away four $2,000 scholarships this year to Northwood high school, which I thought was great. We just had the senior awards banquet a couple weeks ago.

We’re up to 43, 44 members right now. So it’s about doubled in size. We get together every Wednesday at noon at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. And we get together every Wednesday, for three weeks out of the month. We have a speaker and go over our weekly events. And then the fourth week we do committee meetings. And so, and our board meeting. This week, we just got our Pittsboro street signs approved. And so there’s going to be that big circle emblem that you see, every town that has Rotary. And then below it’s going to tell them when we meet and where we meet. So right now it’s the Roadhouse every Wednesday at noon.

If you’re involved in business, in the Pittsboro area, I highly recommend it. We have great speakers so we learn something about our community every week. We try to make them Pittsboro and Chatham centric. I have definitely developed relationships with other real estate agents on a friendly lunch basis that I wouldn’t have been able to have if it was just regular real estate business. Also attorneys, insurance agents, investors, social media people, software developers. I mean, it’s a great, great group of people and I highly recommend it.