How Does Road Access Affect Land Value?

Public road access is one of the most significant impacts to the value of land.

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In this video North Carolina Land Sales expert Eric Andrews explains how public right of ways affect land values.

Private Roads in Chatham County

Much of the property in Pittsboro, Chatham County, and surrounding areas is accessed by private roads.

The county puts significant restrictions on what you can or cannot do with a property if it is accessed via private road.

There are many people who assume they have a right of way because they have always used a road to their property but when the time comes to sell the discover they do not.

Recently, someone came to us with a “ditch to ditch easement”. They had been accessing their land via a road for over 100 years, but, the land was technically  landlocked and did not have road access. Without this road it is not possible to subdivide a property like this.