Preparing Homes for Faster Sales in Pittsboro NC

In the video below, Marketing Coordinator Janet Green explains who she is, where she is from, and why preparing your home for sale in Pittsboro North Carolina is important.

Selling Homes Faster in Pittsboro NC

Some real estate brokers seem to always sell homes faster than others. Why is this? They usually have an excellent marketing coordinator.

When we list a home for sale, our goal is to get the seller as much money as we can for their home. Of course, most people want their homes sold as quickly as possible. A great marketing coordinator understands this and keeps this balance in mind.

A marketing coordinator knows what potential buyers want to see and helps sellers prepare their home. They may make suggestions to prepare a home for showing. Changes may include moving couches around or removing things such as old bedding (explained in the video below).

A marketing coordinator also takes lots of great pictures of homes for sale. The MLS allows for up to 25 images per listing. A great marketing coordinator may take 50 and choose the best 25. They may also use a high quality camera with a wide angle lens. In the video below, Janet Green explains her passion for art and photography and framing up great photos.

Janet also explains her desire for what is best for the seller- selling their home quickly.

Check it out:

Here are some recent photos Janet took of a home for sale in Pittsboro NC:

pittsboro home

home for sale - dining

home for sale

home for sale - living

home for sale - bedroom


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