On Site Inspections when Selling Land

When I am inspecting land which is about to be put up for sale in Chatham County or anywhere in North Carolina, I am looking for things which may or may not increase or decrease the value of a property.

All of these factors combined give me a great idea on how much a property can sell for.

Here are just a few of the factors:

  • Does it have road frontage?
  • What kind of vegetation is there?
  • What is the topography?
  • Are there streams or waterways?
  • How is the soil?
  • Are there tires, cars, or other debris around?
  • What kind of neighborhood is it?
  • Is there anything nearby such as a hunting preserve or a factory chicken house?
  • Are the corners identifiable?
  • Are there any overlaps such as a fence or building overlaps?

I always bring with me the land survey, arial photos, and a plat.

On site inspections of land being sold typically take me 3 – 6 hours.