New Road Coming to Pittsboro’s Northwood High School

If you’ve ever driven down 15/501 in Pittsboro around 8AM or 3PM you’ve seen the huge line of cars trying to get in and out of Northwood High School. To drive up Northwood High School Road takes 45 minutes on many days. This creates a frustrating situation at best and on the worst days there are collisions at the intersection. Some say it is the most dangerous intersection in Pittsboro.

With Penguin Place across the street on Russet Run Road and and Mosaic construction beginning in 2019, traffic is only going to get worse. There’s also apartments going in near the high school.

Thankfully, a new road is likely coming which will allow vehicles to exit the high school via a separate exit. Additionally, a pedestrian crosswalk will be coming to 15/501 at the major intersection. The new road will be somewhere between Northwood High School Road and US64 West.

In the video below, Eric Andrews talks about the new road, along with new schools coming to the area: