Multi-Million Dollar Land Sales and Real Estate Transactions by Real Estate Agent, Broken and ALC Eric Andrews

Accredited Land Consultant Eric Andrews discusses some of the million dollar plus land sales and other real estate transactions he has handled in Chatham County in Siler City, Pittsboro and beyond.

If you are seeking to sell a parcel of land which is worth millions of dollars, Eric Andrews has the experience to help you through the process. In the video below, he explains how 20 years ago his average sale was $89,000 and how he worked his way up to handling such large transactions. Eric still sells smaller lots as well, in fact he just closed on a $17,000 parcel recently!

A few of the transactions include:

  • Multiple building lot in downtown Pittsboro for $2.2 Million
  • a 140 Acre, $2.8 Million Dollar land sale near Governor’s Club
  • a 300 acre, $1.7 Million sale along the Rocky River
  • a $925,000 land sale to a conservationist investor out of Cary NC
  • In late 2018 Eric sold 114 Acres along Mann’s Chapel for $1.4 Million